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  • I made my dream come true with NFT

    I made my artist's dream come true with NFT.
    The artist's dream, which had been kept only as a dream for a long time, came true by encountering NFT art. Furthermore,

    because I have a lot of interest in various fields of art, I am fulfilling my dream of acting, voice actor, and singer.

    I'm challenging creative and fun activities through learning while meeting and communicating with many people.

    I'm a very happy artist. And I will do happy art activities in the future.

    Imagination is as wide and free as the universe

    I really like the universe, so I'm imagining the universe and working on my work.
    The universe is a vast unknown space, a fantastic and free space without an owner.
    Therefore, I imagine as wide as the universe and put art into my work.
    Among them, the planet has become a signature and is included in the work.
    Everyone is unique and unique in the world.
    Likewise, the stars and planets in the universe are all one with their own different faces.
    Therefore, I'm doing a happy art activity with the imagination of embroidering the only planet in the universe.
    Look at the night sky. The universe and stars are always waiting for you to look at them in the night sky.



    There is nothing more important

    than a person.
    The only way to get to know and empathize with those important beings is through communication. Therefore, communication is my number one priority.



    I get inspiration and learn to grow

    through communication.

    Learning gained is shared with people and learned over and over again.

    My learning will continue without end.



    I learn through communication,

    and try new challenges and creative

    ideas based on that learning.
    Through all these activities, I improve

    my value.

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